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Woodruff Cleared of Wrongdoing in I-69 Land Deals

Indiana’s inspector general has cleared INDOT’s ex-chief of staff of wrongdoing in the sale of land along the I-69 corridor.

But Inspector General David Thomas says Troy Woodruff created a lot of trouble and embarrassment by not following the recommendation of an internal ethics officer.

Thomas says prosecutors in Marion and Daviess Counties, the U-S Attorney’s office, and the Federal Highway Administration all agree with his conclusion that Troy Woodruff broke no laws.

He notes the sale was a forced sale through eminent domain.

But Thomas says while Woodruff reported the sale on his annual financial disclosure statement, he ignored the advice of INDOT’s ethics officer to file a separate disclosure with the State Ethics Commission, hoping to avoid drawing further attention to it.

Thomas is recommending legislators make such disclosures a requirement.

 Thomas is recommending INDOT not conduct any contracting business with Woodruff or rehire him for one year for not following the ethics officer’s advice.

But Thomas says more than a dozen other allegations lodged with his office proved baseless, and says two people who filed the original complaints acknowledged they had no evidence otherwise.