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VCSC Budget Expected to Top $29M

Next year’s budget for the Vincennes Community School Corporation will top $29 Million Dollars.

That’s the total number proposed for advertising by Superintendent Greg Parsley.

As is always the case with taxing entities, the tax rate will be advertised much higher than it will actually end up being.

Parsley expects the rate to end up no higher than about $1.50 per one hundred dollars in assessed evaluation.

This year’s rate is about $1.16.

The main reason the final rate will increase is that assessed valuation is expected to be lower in Vincennes next year.

Since 2009-2010, assessed valuation for the school district changed from about $555 Million dollars to almost $709 million dollars in 2012-2013,  but is expected to drop to about $525 Million dollars next year.

Parsley says such huge changes in valuation make budget planning difficult and tax rates rise.

The proposed budget will eventually be sent to the State before final approval.