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IU Student Among 298 Killed in Malaysian Jetliner Crash

Indiana University officials say a graduate student from the Netherlands was among those killed when a Malaysian jetliner was shot down over Ukraine.

25-year-old Karlijn Keijzer is one of 298 people who died when the plane crashed Thursday.

Keijzer was a doctoral student in the chemistry department and was known as a dedicated researcher who focused on making the world better through science.

She also taught courses in organic chemistry, biochemistry and biosynthesis.

Keijzer was a member of IU's women's rowing team during the 2011 season and help guide it to a 14-5 record.

She was on summer vacation at the time of the crash.

Meanwhile, at least one American is among those who were killed.

Quinn Lucas Schansman  was born in New York and had dual U.S. and Dutch citizenship.