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Gambill Proposing Conflict Legislation

45th District State Representative Bionca Gambill wants to explore tougher standards for state employees who want to move into related private sector jobs.  

Her comments follow a proposed move by INDOT chief of staff Troy Woodruff into a job with RQAW.  

Currently, state law requires a one-year cooling off period before officials can work for private companies they worked with in their state positions.

Woodruff appeared before the State Ethics Commission Thursday to request a waiver to move into the position immediately.

An investigation showed Woodruff had been involved in three contracts with the firm while at INDOT.  

The three contracts totaled over 550-thousand dollars.

Gambill says she wants to remove the use of all waivers in similar state cases.  

She intends to introduce legislation addressing the issue if she wins election to the Indiana House in November.