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Drug Arrest Made at WVCF

A Martin County woman faces four preliminary felony drug charges following her arrest late Tuesday morning at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle.

21-year-old Jill Bradley of Shoals was at the prison to visit with an inmate.

Acting on gathered intelligence, she was intercepted by Correctional Police Officers.

During questioning, Bradley admitted having two packages hidden on her body that turned out to contain 108 grams of marijuana, 183 ecstasy pills, and four-$100 bills. 

Bradley was booked into the Sullivan County Jail on preliminary felony charges of Trafficking Marijuana, Possession of and Trafficking Ecstasy, and Possession of Marijuana.   

Bond was set at $39,000.

Three individuals who transported Bradley to the facility were located and detained by the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department.