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Inmate Convicted Of Murder At Terre Haute Federal Correctional Facility

Two men have been convicted in the death of an inmate at the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institution.

38-year-old William Bell was convicted of one count of First Degree Murder while 35-year-old Leonard Dixon was convicted of one count of accessory after the fact, following a three day jury trial in US District Court.

According to evidence presented at trial, Bell entered the cell of a fellow inmate on June 18, 2011 and stabbed him to death.

Bell’s cellmate, Dixon, concealed evidence of the crime, including the murder weapon.

Bell faces up to life in prison and Dixon faces up to 15 years, in addition to the time he is already serving.

Both Bell and Dixon had extensive criminal histories.

Bell had nine prior convictions accumulated across Illinois, Arkansas, and Kansas.

At the time of the murder, he was serving a nearly 8-year sentence for carjacking.

Dixon had several convictions in Kansas and, at the time of the murder, was serving a 35-year sentence for robbery.