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Vincennes Arrests

Vincennes Police arrested a Vincennes woman on an outstanding warrant Tuesday after being called to investigate a family fight in the 11-hundred block of Broadway.

During the investigation, officers learned 50-year-old Brenda Ann Cates was wanted on an Osage County, Missouri warrant for Failure to Appear in Court on an original charge of Fraud.

Cates is being held without bond in the Knox County jail pending extradition to Missouri.

Meanwhile, Vincennes Police arrested 21-year-old Douglas Rutkowski of Lawrenceville, Illinois Tuesday morning on five charges, including Battery on a Police Officer.

Rutkowski is also facing preliminary charges of Possession of a Syringe, Resisting Law Enforcement and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Police arrested Rutkowski early Tuesday morning while investigating a man with a flashlight in an alley near 12th and Perry Streets.

While speaking to officers, Rutkowski threw something that hit one of the officers in the face and fled.

He was cuaght about a block away.