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Hoosiers Warned to Be on Lookout for Ticks

The Indiana state health commissioner is urging Hoosiers to protect themselves against ticks because they can transmit illnesses.

Dr. William VanNess says Indiana had more than 120 confirmed cases of tick-borne diseases last year, including 101 cases of Lyme disease and two of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

He says all ticks should be considered capable of transmitting diseases.

He recommends people entering a grassy or wooded areas wear a long-sleeved shirt and
light-colored pants, with the shirt tucked in at the waist and the pants tucked into socks.

He also recommends using insect repellents containing DEET or picaridin.

VanNess says if a person does become ill after finding an attached tick, they should see a
medical provider immediately.

Tick-borne diseases can all be successfully treated with antibiotics.