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Ten-Digit Dialing in Indiana’s 812 Area Code Will Be Mandatory in September

If you live in Indiana’s 812 telephone area code and have not started using ten digits, rather than seven, to make local phone calls, now is the time to get in the habit.

The grace period in which local calls made with either seven or ten digits will work is more than halfway complete.

The six-month transition period is designed to give consumers ample time to adjust to the changes.

Starting September 6th, consumers with 812 telephone numbers will be required to use ten-digit dialing for all local calls.

If you forget and do not use the new dialing procedures after that date, your call will not be completed and a recording will instruct you to hang up and dial again.

The new area code is being implemented due to projections that all numbering supplies for 812 will be exhausted in 2015.