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INDOT to Use Interlocking Barriers during State Road 257 Flooding

Following the drowning of a woman in the flood waters of the White River near the Daviess/Pike County line last December, the Indiana Department of Transportation has announced plans to reduce the chances of a similar occurrence.

INDOT says it will use interlocking plastic barrier walls when flooding closes State Road 257 at the Daviess/Pike County line.

Vincennes District Deputy Commissioner Rusty Fowler says although INDOT’s previous procedures exceeded state and federal guidelines, many people were still putting themselves in danger by driving around barricades and through rushing flood waters.

Fowler says INDOT is confident the barrier will limit the number of people taking unnecessary risks.

Following December's drowning, state representatives and sheriffs from both Daviess and Pike County asked INDOT to investigate additional measures to prevent vehicles from driving through flood waters.