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Pence Vows to Fight EPA Emissions Rules

The Environmental Protection Agency released new rules Monday proposing a 30% reduction in carbon emissions from existing power plants.

The proposal, a major part of President Obama's climate initiative, will set a national target of lowering CO2 emissions — from 2005 levels — of 25% by 2020 and 30% by 2030.

Total U.S. carbon emissions have already fallen slightly, about 10% since 2005, but the Department of Energy forecasts a slight rise in the near future without new emission caps.

Proponents say the standards are needed to lessen the deadly impact on human health.

Opponents claim the rules will damage Indiana’s economy and hike electric bills.

Governor Mike Pence says  that as a state that relies heavily on coal-burning power plants, the proposed regulations will be devastating for Hoosier workers and families.

He claims they will cost us in higher electricity rates, in lost jobs, and in lost business growth due to a lack of affordable, reliable electricity.

Pence says Indiana will oppose these regulations using every means available.