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Illinois Legislature

The Illinois House has approved an additional $1.8 billion in spending for the current budget year and half the money would be used to reduce the state's stack of unpaid bills.

Extra money also would go toward Medicaid and public safety.

Despite the state’s budget crunch, Illinois House lawmakers have approved a Medicaid expansion.

They're restoring funding for adult dental and podiatry services cut two years ago.
Backers say the cut didn't save money because people ended up getting more costly care in the ER.

Meanwhile, Illinois voters will be asked in November if they support raising the state’s minimum wage.

Illinois lawmakers approved placing a referenda question on the November election ballot asking voters if they think the minimum wage should be increased to 10 dollars an hour for workers over 18.

This would only be an advisory referendum meant to simply gauge the public’s opinion.

A strong “yes” from voters could convince those opposing the hike to go ahead and raise the minimum wage in Illinois.