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VU Initiates New Scholarship For Nearby Illinois Counties

Vincennes University says a new scholarship has been created for students living in four Illinois counties near Vincennes.

The scholarship, which will go into effect during the fall semester, means students in Crawford, Lawrence, Richland, and Wabash counties in Illinois will pay the same tuition rate as in-state students.

University officials say VU has long offered a tuition discount to students from those four Illinois counties, however, they say the new scholarship program represents substantial additional savings for students.

For example, under the previous tuition plan, students in these counties would have paid $257.00 per credit hour this fall.

That will now be reduced to $164.00 per credit hour, representing a savings of $93.00 per credit hour.

The average full-time student will save nearly $1,400 per semester or about $2,800 per year.