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VU & IU-Bloomington Investigated Over Handling of Sexual Abuse Complaints.

The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights has released a list of higher education institutions under investigation for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints under Title IX.

Among them are Vincennes University and Indiana University-Bloomington.

The agency isn’t disclosing any specifics about the investigations.

The list includes both investigations opened as the result of complaints and those initiated by the agency’s Office for Civil Rights as part of compliance reviews.

The DOE points out that being on this list in no way means the institution is violating or has violated the law.

In a statement released Thursday, Vincennes University says it is actively working with the OCR to complete the review process.

Lynn White, Assistant Provost of Student Affairs, says VU is always interested in learning how to improve the campus environment and safety measures for students, including best practices to combat sexual assault and harassment.

Title IX prohibits gender discrimination at schools receiving federal funding.

It regulates an institutions' handling of sexual violence and increasingly is being used by victims who say their school failed to protect them.