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Three Nails Project Collecting Tornado Relief Supplies

The Knox County based Three Nails Project Disaster Relief Team will be accepting donations of supplies and monetary donations for the recovery of several communities in the tornado ravaged south.

Items being requested are as follows: rubber maid containers with lids, all types of prepackaged non-perishable, ready to eat food items, snack type items, protein bars, peanut butter, baby formula, bottled water, gallon sized zip lock bags, hand sanitizer, New socks and underwear (No used clothing please), heavy duty large trash bags, tarps, plastic headed cap nails, chain saw supplies, including oil, chain saw chains, fuel cards, portable halogen lights and bulbs.

Items may be dropped off at 17-03 Hart Street in Vincennes behind the Shaker Prairie Shop.

Hours are 10:00 until 6:00.

An additional drop off point is the First Baptist Church in Vincennes.

For additional information, call 812-830-0075 or 812-881-0702.