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Indiana's Victims of Childhood Abuse & Neglect Number 20,000+

From planting pinwheel gardens to speaking with educators and parents, child welfare workers in Indiana have used Child Abuse Prevention Month in April to build awareness of the problem.

Sandy Runkle-DeLorme with Prevent Child Abuse Indiana says there are more than 20-thousand confirmed cases of child abuse or neglect in the state each year.

However, she says physical abuse hasn't even been the biggest concern.

She says neglect has been lately over 70-percent of substantiated cases and in fact, in Indiana in 2012, even sexual abuse was more often substantiated than physical abuse.

She says allegations of neglect can include anything from overall lack of supervision to a car seat that isn't
installed properly.

She adds that child abuse and neglect tend to be stereotyped as problems that occur among poor families, but they actually cross all socioeconomic boundaries.