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Posted: Wednesday, 23 April 2014 5:21AM

KC Council Shoots Down Main Street Project

The Knox County Council declined to partner with the city of Vincennes on a nearly nine-million dollar project to improve Main Street. 
Council persons Randy Crismore, Bob Lechner, Jim Beery, Nichole Like, and Steve Thais voting against it with councilmen Terry Johnson and Mike Thompson voting in favor.
The County's would’ve been responsible for just over 610-thousand dollars; the Vincennes Redevelopment Commission had committed up to one point seven million on the project.
Crismore says a lack of time to consider the project led to his vote against it.
The County's vote against funding the project means it is now dead for the 2018 INDOT project call. The project would have widened Main to three lanes from 22nd Street to Ramsey Road, and improved the two-lane road from Ramsey Road to Henry Sievers Road. 

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