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Education Standards Final Draft Released

The final draft of the education standards that will replace Common Core has been released, and many critics of Common Core are not happy.

The state released the standards for K-through-12 schools that will be considered next Monday by the Education Roundtable, which is co-chaired by Governor Pence and State School Superintendent Glenda Ritz.

If the Roundtable endorses the standards, the State Board of Education will take a final vote on them the following Monday.

With the adoption of the standards, Indiana would become the first state to officially leave the coalition that had adopted the Common Core, a set of standards designed to better prepare students for college and the workforce and to measure student‘s progress in the U.S. against those from other countries.

But Common Core came under withering criticism, especially from conservatives, after President Obama‘s Department of Education gave extra credit in the competition for federal Race To The Top grant money to schools from states which had adopted Common Core.

Some saw that as a nationalization of K-12 standards, even though the Education department never officially adopted Common Core.

Governor Pence signed a bill into law officially dropping Common Core, though that was happening anyway with the adoption of the new standards.   

Many critics of Common Core who were brought in from outside Indiana to review the new standards were critical of them in written comments on an earlier draft.

Most of them accused the state of largely re-branding Common Core, while retired University of Arkansas professor Sandra Stotsky was so disappointed in the first draft, she said she would not bother to review the second.

State Board member Brad Oliver, a Common Core critic, was disappointed in the comments of those experts, saying there was no way to write new standards and remove every trace of Common Core.