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Westall Gets 30 Years for Solicitation of Murder Charges

A Lawrence County, Illinois Circuit Court judge sentenced 49-year-old Helen Marie Westall to 30-years in prison Tuesday afternoon in connection with the murder of her uncle in March of 2012.

Westall pleaded guilty back in February to Solicitation of Murder and Solicitation to Commit Murder for Hire.

The Bridgeport, Illinois woman admitted to hiring 22-year-old Tyler McQueen of Mount Carmel to kill 78-year-old Robert Westall of Lawrenceville.

Prior to sentencing, Westall’s widow Karen told the court her wish for Helen was “hell times 33 ” and that she “took a life and hers should be taken as well.”

McQueen was sentenced to 50-years in prison for first degree murder back in December.