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Lawmakers Encouraged to Find Better Supports for Indiana Caregivers

An increasing number of Hoosiers are assuming the role of caring for an aging loved one, which can add emotional, physical and financial stress to their lives.

A bill authored by Senator Vaneta Becker of Evansville urges the legislative council to study the issue of family care giving.

Becker says in the next 20 years, there will be more than 290 thousand people 85 years or older who will need care-giving assistance.

The resolution also would look at new ways to recruit and retain qualified responsive in-home care workers.
In 2011, there were 1-point-3 million Hoosiers providing unpaid care for a loved one, spending on average more than $5 thousand a year out of pocket.

Becker’s bill passed both the House and Senate, and is waiting to be assigned to a study committee.