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Applications Being Taken for Washington's Sidewalk Replacement Program

Washington Mayor Joe Wellman says the city is now accepting applications from property owners to take part in the City’s new Sidewalk Replacement Cost-share Program. 

In order to help property owners replace aging sidewalks, the city has established a cost-share program to give incentives for sidewalk replacement.

Under the program, the city will remove existing sidewalks, trees and stumps, then dispose of old material, and prepare the site. 

The property owner will be expected to pay for labor for installation and finish work on the new sidewalk. 
The City will also re-seed grass and install new curbs as necessary. 

Work will be done by the contractor selected by the city as a result of public bids now being accepted. 
The City will also pay for any required access ramps at crosswalks. 

The sidewalks will be built to City design & ADA standards.

Applications will be evaluated and awarded this spring for construction in spring and summer. 
Priority will be given to projects that involve multiple adjoining properties on a block and to those in high volume public areas. 

Applications and details can be picked up by business and home owners at the Building Commissioner’s office located at 2100 Memorial Avenue between 7:30am & 4 pm Monday-Friday.