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Dubois Co. Residents Asked to Help in Fight Against Drugs

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to contact investigators if they have any information on the dealing of Heroin and a new drug called “Gravel” which are showing up in the county.

Gravel is similar to bath salts.

The primary ingredient of the drug is Alpha-PVP, a synthetic stimulant acting on the cardiovascular and central nervous system.

It’s highly addictive and makes users dangerously paranoid, to the point of suicide. 
It also causes kidney failure and hallucinations.

Rat poison and ammonium nitrate are sometimes used to dilute the Alpha-PVP.

Seizures of the drug have also been found to contain methamphetamine, Klonopin, and bath salts.

Law enforcement officials have reported a high likelihood for property crime by abusers.