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Gas Prices On The Rise

Americans are paying more to fill their gas tanks.  

The average price for a gallon of gas rose almost 12 cents over the past two weeks.  

The Lundberg survey says a gallon of regular went up over eleven and a-half cents to an average price of three-dollars-and-41-cents.  

Over the previous two-week period, the price had declined by less than two cents per gallon.  

Survey publisher Trilby Lundberg says violence in Ukraine, Venezuela and South Sudan caused wholesale prices to "zoom up."

According to, the lowest price Sunday for a gallon of unleaded regular in Washington was $3.28.

It was $3.49 in Vincennes, $3.32 in Loogootee; $3.33 in Linton; $3.23 in Sullivan: and $3.37 in Petersburg, Jasper and Princeton.