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Martin Co. Conservation Officer Nominated For James D. Pitzer Award

Indiana Conservation Officer Eric Doane, who is assigned to Martin County, has won the District 7 Officer of the year award.

Officer Doane was selected by the Officers in his district because of his dedication and commitment to the performance of his job.

An Officer is selected in each of the ten DNR Law Enforcement Districts throughout the state and one officer is selected for the James D. Pitzer award.

The annual award is named after James D. Pitzer who was a Conservation Officer for twenty years before he was shot and killed in the line of duty while checking rabbit hunters in Jay County on January 1st 1961.

Officer Doane grew up in the small town of Dover Hill in the suburbs of Shoals.
He attended Shoals High School and graduated in 1988.

After High School Officer Doane attended Vincennes University for Conservation Law and was hired by the DNR Law Enforcement Division in 1992.

His first county assignment was Union County where he served for 5 ½ years.

He transferred back to his home county in 1998 where he is currently still serving.