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Crawford Co. Illinois Woman's Death Ruled Homicide

A coroner's jury has ruled the death of an elderly Crawford County, Illinois woman a homicide.  

86 year-old Lois Cutright died last October at the Crawford County Memorial Hospital emergency room.  

Cutright was a resident of Heritage Health Nursing Home in Robinson.  

Cutright tested positive for hydrocodone and morphine.  

She had a prescription for the hydrocodone, but not the morphine.  

Records also showed that Cutright hadn't been given hydrocodone since last August.
Two police investigators and six Heritage Health employees gave testimony in the inquiry.  

No one seemed to know how Cutright could get morphine in her system if she hadn't been prescribed it.  

Crawford County Coroner Earl Deckard says that even though the jury determined that Cutright's death was a homicide, it doesn't necessarily mean that she was murdered.  
Deckard says it only means that someone else was responsible either through action or inaction.  

The investigation into Cutright's death continues.