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Quinn Unveils Five-Year Plan For Economic Growth

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn laid out what he called a five-year plan for jobs and economic growth in Illinois as the centerpiece of his State of the State Address Wednesday.

He said there will be a renewed focus on helping small businesses and said one small thing would be to reduce the filing fee for limited liability corporations from 500-dollars to 39-dollars.  

He also called for continued spending on roads and infrastructure as the basis for a strong economy.  

Quinn also wants a doubling of the number of college scholarships for students in need over the next five years and an increase in the minimum wage.

Republicans say Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is painting a false picture of the state's true outlook.  

In his state of the state address, Quinn says Illinois is making an economic rebound but Senator Dale Righter says that's not necessarily the case.

Republicans also felt the governor failed to discuss key issues that are vital to restoring the state's fiscal health.  

They wonder whether Quinn will let income taxes roll back in 2015 as scheduled or if he and Democratic leaders will try to make the tax permanent.