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Pence Calls for Action this Year on Gay Marriage Amendment

Governor Mike Pence has a vision for state lawmakers this year and it includes tax cuts, job creation and a decision on the definition of marriage.  

During his State of the State address Tuesday night, Pence highlighted several successes during his first year in office, including a balanced budget, a reduction in red tape, improved schools and roads, and a reduction in state debt.  

He also asked lawmakers to pass a pre-K voucher program and renewed calls for more road funding and making adoption easier in Indiana.  

Pence closed out his speech by asking lawmakers to decide on the definition of marriage, saying they should "resolve this issue this year once and for all."

Pence repeated his support for traditional marriage and said voters should be allowed to decide the matter in November.

Lawmakers first passed the proposed ban in 2011.

It must pass again this year to be put to voters in November.

Governor Pence's fellow Republicans are calling his State of the State a good blueprint for the session ahead, while Democrats are dismissing the address as "underwhelming."     

House Minority Leader Scott Pelath charges Pence isn't serious about governing.

He says the governor's proposals range from what he calls "tepid" ones, like an increase in the personal deduction on your income tax, to misguided.

He contends Pence's centerpiece proposal to phase out the business personal property tax would shift the tax burden to individuals without creating jobs.