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Westall Pleads Guilty in Murder of Uncle

A 49-year-old Bridgeport, Illinois woman will spend at least 20-years in prison for her involvement in the murder of her uncle.

Helen Marie Westall agreed to plead guilty Wednesday to a charge of solicitation to commit murder for hire.

As part of a plea agreement, a second charge of Solicitation of Murder was dismissed.

Under terms of the agreement, Westall's sentence will be no greater than 30 years but no less than 20 years.

Formal Sentencing is set for March 25th in Crawford Circuit Court.

Westall is accused of hiring 21-year-old Tyler McQueen of Mount Carmel to kill 78-year-old Robert Westall of Lawrenceville.

McQueen was sentenced to 50-years in prison for first degree murder back in December.