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Live Remote

Today one of my customers is having a live remote.  Live remotes are a great way to have potential customers come to you!  Radio personalities ussually have a large following.  Our listeners are loyal, they love to mingle with radio personalities.  In order to have a successful live remote you should:
1) Have a GREAT OFFER.  
2) Choose the stations that best represent the demographics that you are attempting to reach.  
3) Pick a time that makes sense for your customers
4) Include prizes or refreshments
5) Plan ahead and market your remote

The most successful live remotes begin with planning.  Planning why you are having the radio station at your location.  Are you trying to drive traffic?  Do you have a big offer?  What can you do that is different than other days?  

If you offer is great....the right station will drive traffic to your location.

The biggest mistake that I have seen for a customer not to have a special offer that gives incentive to potential customers.  

TRY A LIVE REMOTE FOR YOUR BUSINESS!  They are fun and worth the investment.
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01/03/2014 3:34PM
Live Remote
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