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Watermelon Drop

Excitement is growing as comedian Gallagher prepares to bring his "Last Smash" tour to the sixth annual Watermelon Drop on New Year's Eve in Vincennes.  

Gallagher's show at Lincoln High School's Ader Auditorium is set for 5 p.m. that evening.  

Organizers say tickets are selling fast, but there are still some available.  

Tickets range in price from 15 to 75 dollars and are available by calling 800-595-4849.
Other attractions include a fireworks display, music, vendors and a beer garden.  

The night concludes with a 500-pound watermelon dropping 14 Knox County watermelons at the stroke of midnight.

C-N-N will cover this year's Watermelon Drop with live cut-ins to Vincennes during their coverage from Times Square in New York.  

CNN's New Year's Eve coverage last year attracted 2.3 million viewers.