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Governor Seeking Disaster Assistance for Daviess Co.

Governor Pence has filed a request with the federal government to provide assistance to homeowners, renters, and businesses in Daviess County for damages caused by the severe storm and tornado that hit on November 17th.

The governor has requested Individual Assistance, which, if granted, would make homeowners and renters eligible to apply for grants and low-interest loans.

Businesses would be eligible to apply for low-interest loans.

112 homes were damaged in Daviess County by an EF-2 tornado with 120 mile an hour winds.

35 structures were destroyed or suffered major damage, 25 suffered minor damage and 54 were affected.

Due to the number of rental and low income homes in the area, most individuals did not have insurance and are now left without other affordable housing.

Three businesses were destroyed and several others damaged, leaving 15 people unemployed.

Due to the loss of power, residents lost all refrigerated food supplies.

In addition, county government agencies suffered losses.

The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department was forced to transfer inmates to a neighboring county.