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Flood Related Road Closings

The Indiana Department of Transporation says folowing roads are closed due to flooding:

Daviess/Knox County
SR 358, from SR 67 Edwardsport to SR57 Plainville

Daviess/Pike County
SR 257, from US 50 Washington to SR 356 Otwell

Gibson County
SR 64, from SR 65 South Junction just east of State Line to US 41 in Princeton
Gibson/Pike County

SR 64, from SR 357 Oakland City to SR 61 Arthur Junction
Greene County

SR 43, from SR 54 Bloomfield to SR 48

SR 157, from SR 54 Bloomfield to SR 67 Worthington
Orange County

SR 56, from SR 145 to US 150

Spencer County
SR 161, from SR 66 to SR 62