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Safety and Awareness Can Prevent Holiday Hazards

The holidays can be hazardous, but being mindful of risks can keep everyone stuffed and safe on Turkey Day.  

Kathy Mabe of Allstate Protection says turkey fryers are a top contributor to holiday fire claims.

She says don't fry a turkey on your deck, in your garage or anywhere close to your house.

And never place frozen turkey into a turkey fryer.

Decorating trees, cooking elaborate meals and stringing electric lights around the yard can be hazardous if not done properly.  

Mabe says an average of 67-thousand homeowner loss and damage claims are reported each year between mid-November and mid-January.  

Fire loss, sewer backup and holiday theft claims increase the most during this period.  
Christmas tree fires are the most expensive claims, with a median cost of 102-thousand-dollars.