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Washington Storm Info

The City of Washington continues its recovery from damage caused by Sunday's tornado.

The Volunteer Center at the Assembly of God church will continue to be staffed through today.  

Storm victims needing assistance should go there.
After today, individuals may contact Connections at 257-2650.

City officials say power has been restored to all customers.

However, if you still do not have power, call the Washington Utility Office at 254-5171.  
It's the homeowner's responsibility to contact an electrician to repair damaged conduit risers attached to the house before the city can connect power to a home.  

Financial assistance to make those repairs may be available by contacting the Volunteer Center or Connections.

Meanwhile, the city will continue picking up storm debris, large trees, & metal through today.  

After today, the city will resume its normal schedule.

Residents are cautioned to watch for any electric lines that may remain on the ground.  

Officials say don't touch them and call the city Electric Department.