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Shoplifters Take Employee on Wild Ride

Evansville Police have arrested two shoplifters who took an employee of the Toys-R-Us store on a wild ride on the hood of their car.

Police say they believe 26-year-old Tiffani Lowe and 25-year-old Kayla Jackson stole over 700-dollars’ worth of toys from the store.

When they left without paying for them, an employee attempted to stop them.

Police say Lowe backed out a parking space, hitting the employee and knocking her onto the hood of the car.

Lowe then took off with the employee still on the car.

When Lowe made a quick turn out of the parking lot, the employee fell to the ground.

The employee was injured and taken to Saint Mary’s Hospital for treatment.

An off-duty Vanderburgh County Central dispatch supervisor who witnessed the events was able to follow Lowe and Jackson and inform police of their location.

Lowe and Jackson are charged with Strong Armed Robbery with Injury, Shoplifting, and Criminal Recklessness.

Lowe is also charged with Resisting Law Enforcement.