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Indiana Legislature's Organization Day

The 2014 session of the General Assembly is underway, with legislative leaders warning an emotional debate lies ahead over a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Both House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) and Senate President Pro Tem David Long (R-Fprt Wayne) have lamented the amount of attention being devoted to the looming debate over the marriage amendment.

But both told legislators in their opening-day addresses it‘s a discussion they have a responsibility to face, and reiterated they won‘t block consideration of the amendment.

Bosma notes the corporations and universities taking vocal stances against the amendment, while declaring the decision belongs to the full House and Senate, not outside voices nor a single legislative leader.

Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane says he‘s disappointed the amendment won‘t be killed outright, but says if there‘s going to be a debate, senators should consider the issue very carefully.

While Bosma, Long and Lanane all emphasize there are more important issues to discuss, Lanane says the marriage amendment is far more important if it‘s your rights at stake.

The amendment must pass in 2014 and then win approval from voters in November 2014 to be added to the constitution.