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New Traffic Signals to be Installed in Vincennes

State highway officials say the installation of new left-turn traffic signals with  flashing yellow arrows will begin today (Monday) at US 41 and Old Wheatland Road in Vincennes.

The new flashing yellow arrows allow left-turning traffic to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic and pedestrians and turn when enough room is available.

The steady yellow left-turn arrow retains its standard meaning that the signal is about to change to a steady red arrow and drivers should prepare to stop or, if they have already entered the intersection, complete the left turn.

Previously drivers have only been able to turn left at this intersection with a protected green arrow.

IN-DOT officials say national research has shown that the flashing yellow signal is more intuitive for drivers, results in fewer crashes and moves traffic more efficiently.

Other signals within the Vincennes District that will be replaced this winter include U.S. 50 and the ramps at Interstate 69 east of Washington and in Princeton on S.R. 64 at 5th Avenue, Richland Creek Drive and Wal-Mart plaza.