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Posted: Wednesday, 06 November 2013 6:32AM

HRB approves facade for Pioneer Oil

(Vincennes, IN)  --  The Vincennes Historic Review Board approved a new facade for a building at 4th and Main Street last night as a part of the coming Pioneer Oil Expansion.
    Project Architect Larry Donovan told the board the facelift on the building will include new red/brown brick or insulated brick and limestone to better match other buildings in the area. The Main Street entrance to the building will feature a 3 story high window if the building's steel and concrete structure will allow it.
    The building is going to house Pioneer Oil's offices when they complete their expansion into Vincennes.
    The HRB Approved the project and all options with a general consensus it will improve the location and give it a more historical appearance.

    The Vincennes Historic Review Board approved repairs to a porch at the Raintree Consulting LLC building at 225 N. 2nd Street.
    The Roof over the porch is deteriorated to the point where it's threatening to fall off. Rain Tree spokespersons asked that they be allowed to repair the structural damage and replace the current roof with an EPDM or Rubber Roof. They're also replacing the current posts for the roof with columns.
    The Board approved the repairs.

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