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White House Calls Senate Debt Vote "Unfortunate"

The White House is calling Saturday's Senate rejection of a debt plan "unfortunate." 

Presidential spokesman Jay Carney urged Congress to find a way to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. 

The White House reaction comes after Senate Republicans blocked a Democratic bill to increase the federal debt ceiling through 2014. 

Congress is racing against next week's deadline to boost the nearly 17-trillion dollar debt ceiling or risk default. 

Meantime, behind-the-scenes efforts to bring an end to the partial shutdown of the federal government are continuing at the Capitol and the White House. 

Meanwhile, Indiana Senator Dan Coats says he opposed the bill to increase the debt ceiling without addressing the budget.

Coats says "allowing debt to continue accumulating unchecked on our nation’s credit card ignores the reality of America’s dire financial state.”

He says “with our national debt currently sitting at over $16.7 trillion dollars and the federal government borrowing $40,000 per second, we cannot afford another short-term Band-Aid. "Any increase in the debt limit must be tied to substantive reforms that address the drivers of our debt.”