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Posted: Thursday, 10 October 2013 6:27AM

Vincennes City Police arrest roundup

(Vincennes, IN)  --  Vincennes City Police arrested a Vincennes man this morning following a call to a Vollmer Street residence.
      Police found 28 year-old Casey Coatney intoxicated and allegedly violent at the location.  Officers claim Coatney became abusive, and was arrested for disorderly conduct.  Coatney was cleared by medical staff at Good Samaritan Hospital, and then booked into Knox County Jail on four-thousand dollars bond.

An animal complaint led Vincennes City Police to arrest a Vincennes man yesterday on a drug-related charge.
     Officers responded to a location in the 700-block of North Third Street to check out the animal complaint.  They discovered the remnants of a meth-making operation at the residence.  After finding the evidence, they arrested 26 year-old Kevin Hamm on a charge of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. 
      Hamm was booked into Knox County Jail on 25-thousand dollars bond. 

      Vincennes City Police arrested a Vincennes man last night following a call to the 100-block of Hart Street.
      Officers located 37 year-old Jason Williams, and arrested him on a Knox Superior Court Two warrant for failure to appear.  Williams' original charge is a single count of battery.
      Williams is being held without bond in Knox County Jail.

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