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Posted: Thursday, 05 September 2013 6:30AM

Manufacturing group laments "war on coal"

   (Indianapolis, IN)--  The Indiana Manufacturers' Association is condemning what it is calling a federal "war on coal."  The group feels a continued increase of state regulations will "bankrupt" Indiana's coal industry, and drive energy prices to crippling levels.
      In a written statement, the I-M-A states the rules are more stringent than needed.  Among the rules they are calling excessive include the Mercury and Air Toxic Standard, the Cross-State Air Pollution rule, Coal Ash rule, and the President's Climate Action plan.  They also point to a 2011 study that claims utilities would pay an extra 18 billion dollars a year to comply.  The report further claims it would cause electric rates in Indiana and other nearby states to rise by 20 percent.  The group also claims manufacturers would pass along the increased electric costs to its consumers.
      Finally, the statement claims a threat of rolling blackouts from the retirement of many coal-fired power plants in 2016.  The I-M-A statement claims the power plant retirements are being caused by a failure to comply with the new regulations.
      The I-M-A is seeking common-sense regulations that both protect the environment, and allow for efficient coal-fired electric production.