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River Friendly Farmers to be Honored

Several area farmers will be honored later this month at the Indiana State Fair as winners of the 2013 River Friendly Farmer Award.

The award recognizes farmers for managing their farms in an environmentally and economically sound way that protects and improves Indiana's soil and water resources.

Among the 46 statewide recipients are:

· Mark and Brad Welp of Welp Homestead Farms in Dubois County.

· Ed Horrall of Horrall Farms in Gibson County.

· Steve Crowe of Crowe Farms in Greene County.

· Mark, Michael, Douglas and Daniel Anson of Anson Family Farms and Daniel Worland of Worland Farms in Knox County.

· And, Larry and Grant Adams of R-J Adams Farms and Randy and Ron Leistner of Pike County.

The awards will be presented August 14th at 1:00 PM in the 4-H Exhibition Hall Auditorium at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.