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Posted: Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:17AM

Good Samaritan Hospital takes measures to ensure financial health

(Vincennes, IN)  --  Officials at Good Samaritan Hospital are taking a proactive approach to prepare for changes under the Affordable Care Act. The new health insurance regulations will take effect on January first, 2014.
     Jean Casolaro, of the firm Gregory and Appel, detailed the many changes to the G-S-H Board at its meeting last night. Casolaro told the Board individual policies may increase by an average of 72 percent in 2014. She also informed the Board all citizens must have essential insurance by that date, or pay an income tax penalty.
     G-S-H Chief Financial Officer Jerry Stump also spoke to the Board. Stump says the Hospital is in a good spot to meet the new insurance regulations.

  Another Hospital strategy is to provide various health care services to the community.. Stump believes offering the various services will maintain a healthy Hospital bottom line.

     Other strategies include improved information technology, aggressive physician recruitment, and leaner management procedures. Finally, Hospital officials say the work included in the ongoing Beacon project will also prepare the Hospital to deal with the coming Affordable Care Act.

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