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Posted: Tuesday, 23 July 2013 11:47AM

Vincennes City Council approves grant submission for levee repairs

(Vincennes, IN)  --  The Vincennes City Council has approved submission of a grant to possibly bring one-point-three million dollars for needed levee repairs.  The money would come from an Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs grant.  The City would match the funding with over 136-thousand dollars in EDIT money.
     Vincennes Water Utilities general manager Kirk Bouchie says a lot of the funded work will go unseen by the public.

  Bouchie also updated another Levee-related project-- a realignment of the intersection and train tracks at Second and Niblack.

      The grant submission will be administered by the Southern Indiana Development Commission.  Bouchie and S-I-D-C officials are positive about the City's chances to receive the state funding.

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