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Posted: Thursday, 18 July 2013 2:00PM

Lawrence County Sheriff's Office Arrests 3 Overnight

(Lawrenceville, IL)  --  The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department arrested a Vincennes man overnight.
    Deputies took 38-year-old Shane Burke of Vincennes into Custody for pre-trial proceedings Wednesday. Burke was originally charged with a crime in Lawrenceville and had been released on probation. The pre-trial proceedings are for a violation of probation. He was held in the Lawrence County Jail on 3,000 dollars bond.
    The LCSD also arrested 21-year-old Courtney Painter of Lawrenceville on a Lawrence County warrant. She was held at the Lawrence County Jail without bond.
    Finally, deputies arrested 52-year-old Jeffrey Wilson of Bridgeport for driving while under the influence of Drugs. He was booked into the Lawrence County Jail and later released.

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