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Gas Prices Going Back Up

If you're still looking for gas that's below three dollars per gallon, keep looking.

Prices across much of the state have started going back up.

After spiking just over a month ago due to refinery problems in the Midwest, gas dropped to as low as $2.90 a gallon in some areas this week.

Now, many stations have raised their prices by 20-cents or more.

Patrick DeHaan of gasbuddy-dot-com says its because some folks believe the economy is finally getting stronger…

The price of oil is over 100-dollars a barrel for the first time in awhile, due in part to a glut in the market clearing up and unrest in Egypt.

According to gasbuddy-dot-com, the lowest price of regular unleaded in Washington this morning was $3.63 a gallon.

It was $3.58 in Vincennes.

The state average was about $3.43.

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