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Mark Lange - President 
Mark Has worked in virtually all facets of broadcasting
since beginning in the business in 1968 and owned
radio stations for over thirty years. 
800-876-0173 / 812-882-6060


Saundra Lange - Vice President
Saundra's first job in radio was in 1972.  She and Mark
are hands on operators, live in Vincennes, and rework
historical homes and buildings as an avocation. 
800-876-0173 / 812-882-6060 

Aaron Lange - Corporate Solutions

Aaron works with all aspect of the corporation, finding and erradicating all problems.  He's a grad of Vincennes University, Ball State University, and is currently serving at the HHB 1-163 Field Artillery Commander in Evansville, IN.  Aaron and his wife (Maria) have a daughter & a son.
Contact:  812-882-6060


Jonathan Lange - Operations Manager
Jonathan is a Purdue engineering grad and works in operations and engineering.  He and his wife have three young daughters. Jonathan loves tinkering with his corvette. 
800-876-0173 / 812-882-6060 

Duncan Myers - Director of Sales  
Duncan is a native of Odon in DaviessCounty and brings 
local retail ownership, network radio sales management, 
Agribusiness marketing, and large and small market
sales management experience to TOC. 

Sara Dunn - Traffic Director 
Sara is a Vincennes native, and has radio expirence in cities
as large as Nashville, Tn. and has worked on air as well as 
behind the scenes. Ask Sara about her dog.  

Scott Soderling - Traffic Director 
Scott has worked a number of jobs at TOC starting in theSales Dept.  In addition to Traffic, he answers questions about billing & is likely the first voice you hear when you call TOC's office.  Scott, who is also a General Baptist Minister, and his wife Amber, a third grade teacher, live in Vincennes with their two sons.
Contact: 812-882-6060

Suzy Duryea - Digital Content Specialists
Suzy is a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant 1 & 2 and
a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant.  Suzy has been with
TOC since 2005.  Suzy comes to TOC with a background of
retail management, she and her husband live in Vincennes. 

Jeff Hendershot - TOC Direct Operations
Jeff works with clients and sales representives  
to develop print ad campaigns.  Jeff lives in Vincennes
with his wife and two children.  Contact: 812-882-6060 
Mark Gibson - Sales Representative
Mark specializes in the sales of direct mail advertising
for TOC Direct in Gibson, Wabash, Lawrence,
and Knox Counties.  His background includes soft drink
sales and management.  He has been with TOC since 2002. 

Dave Young - Programming and Sports
Dave has been the morning voice of WZDM since the station
began in 1988.  He is also the radio play by play voice of the
Vincennes Lincoln Alices.  Dave and his wife  live in Vincennes,
has two grand daughters, four dogs.

Ed Ballinger - Programming and Sports
Ed has a long and varied background in radio and television
and does double duty at TOC.  He is the host of  WAOV's
Knox County Today and host the afternoon music show on
WZDM.  Ed is also the voice of Rivet  High School sports on
WAOV.  Ed and his wife have two children. 


Tom Lee - News and Sports 
Tom does news reports each day on WUZR, WAOV, and WZDM.
 He covers community and governmental meetings and is the voice
of North Knox High School sports and produces and host local sports
talk programming on WAOV and WUZR.  812-882-6060
Cowboy Ken Booth - Programming
Ken has worked at the Bullet WWBL since 1999.  Prior
to that Ken has worked in a number of area radio stations.  
Ken loves his wife, his Grandkids, Real Country and the
Indianapolis Colts.  812-882-6060


John Szink - News
John has been producing and hosting news programming in
 the area for over thirty years.  He has been the morning news 
voice for WBTO, WQTY, and WWBL since 2007.  John and
 his wife live in Vincennes.  812-882-6060

Mark Brochin  - Sports
Mark is the sports voice of WWBL, WQTY, & WBTO   
Stone Cold Steve Pierson - Programming
Steve is the midday personality on "The Bullet " WWBL 106.5.
From Washington, Steve has been with TOC since 1996,  enjoys
his children and the WWE.  There is probably a connection there,
but nobody is quite sure about that.  812-882-6060

The Joker Dane Foley - Programming and Traffic
Monroe City doesn't have a mayor, but if it did, Dane would be right up there for the slot.  Dane  has a varied history in broadcasting including gigs with a number of companies.  In addition to his work producing the schedules for WUZR, Dane is the afternoon voice on WWBL.  

Roger Reynolds - Sales Representative &Air Personality
Roger is the wakeup voice for WTYE in Robinson and has
been working with busineses developing marketing plans
for over forty years.  Most of his clients are in the Crawford County area. 

Tony Collins - Sales Representative & Air PersonalityCaptain Radio
hosts the WTYE midday program, does commercial production,
and works with clients primarily in the Crawford County area.  He
has been with the Robinson office since 1996.  

John Fischer - Programming and News
John lives in rural Clay County and first worked for a TOC
affiliated company back in the 1980's.  His experience includes
both radio and television and his current work includes local and
regional material for WREB, commerical production and remote
broadcasts for WREB. 

Jason Tiller - News Programming
Jason comes to TOC as a news reporter from the newspaper
industry.  Raised in Columbia Ky. with a Communications Degree
from University of Cambellsville.  Jason is an outdoorsman 
and sports junkie.  Jason, his wife Amanda and their dog Paulie
live in Lawrenceville, Il.

Ashley Cantwell - Sales Representative
Ashley lives in rural Knox County with her local retail
business owner husband and their son.  She specializes
in marketing TOC's events and works primarily with clients
in the marketing of products and services with long form programming. 

Dan Holtsclaw - Sales Representative
Dan comes to TOC with a background in retail as a farm
equipment business owner for 37 years, and also the 
Pastor of Switz City Baptist Church.  Dan and his wife Jackie 
of 43 years live in Worthington In.    Go Colts!!
812-384-7207 / 812-254-4300        


Jane Betz - Sales Representative
Jane and her husband owned a local business until recently.  
She comes to TOC with experience in sales and marketing 
within the industrial furniture industry.  Jane lives in Jasper 
and primarily works with Dubois County Clients: 

Jeni Dean - Sales Representative
Jeni has worked at WTYE/ WTAY for 17 years. She 
has 4 children, 7 grandchildren, 3 dogs and 1 cat
named Elliott. Jeni is very active in her community.

Kathy Burch - Sales Representative
Kathy Burch is also a former business owner and
has worked with TOC clients since coming on board
in 2002.  She is a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant.  
Kathy lives in rural Vincennes with her husband, children and her dogs.
Contact: 812-254-4300


Kevin Clodfelter - Sales Representative
Kevin has sold advertising for TOC since 1993 and has
a broadcasting career that includes Sports Play by Play broadcasts.
 He lives in rural Vincennes and enjoys taking care of his horses.
 He is also a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant.  

Kristin Allen - Sales Representative
Kristin comes to TOC with a background in business admin & also owns a business with her husband George.  As owner of a business  Kristin understands how marketing is key to a growing business.  Kristin & George have 2 daughters and live in Odon In.  
Contact: or 812-254-4300

Michelle York - Sales Representive
Michelle has sold advertising for TOC since 1988 and
is a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant.  She is married
to a Vincennes business owner with three children and lives
in Vincennes.  Michelle enjoys running and running after the kids.

Nancy Burger - Sales Representative
Nancy lives in St. Anthony in rural Dubois County with
her husband and works with businesses in Dubois
and Daviess County and beyond.  She has been with TOC since 2001. 

Roy Rice - Sales Representative
Roy lives in Robinson Illinois with his wife and two
sons, and works with business clients primarily in
Crawford, Jasper, and Lawrence Counties.

Shanon O'Toole - Sales Representative
Shanon has an background in marketing, sales,& media,including radio, print, and electronic media. Shanon is based in Washington In. and has customers however she
focusses primarily east of the White River. 


Sean Dulaney - Production & Sales
Sean works mainly in produciton and operations in the 
Mt. Vernon office, 
but also helps a number of Posey and
White County businesses with their 
TOC marketing efforts.
 Contact:   812-838-4484

Tonya Sanders - Sales Representative 
Based in Greencastle, Tonya primarily serves businesses in
and around Putnam County.  She has two growing children and lives in Greencastle.  Tonya has worked with TOC since 2005 in a number of areas including on air and sales.     765-653-9717


Vicky Strange – Office Manager
Vicky joined Wayne County Broadcasting as Office Manager in 1984. She and her children, Trevor and Andrea, reside in Fairfield. Vicky enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.  


Dodie Dickey – Sales Representative
Dodie joined the WFIW staff as an Account Executive in 1997. She received her degree in Radio/Television with a specialization in Broadcast Production from SIU Carbondale. Dodie has been involved in the radio industry since 1988.

Woody Long – WFIW FM Morning Show
Woody Long is the Host of the Morning Show---Woody and Murvis
which airs Monday through Friday on 104.9FM.


Deron Caudle-WFIW AM 1390 Afternoons
Deron joined the WFIW Staff in March 1991 as an
Afternoon AM Operator. He also gathers news for the
weekend. Deron resides in Fairfield.


Dan Harris - Sports - Production
Dan graduated from SIU/ Edwardsville in 2011 with a Communications and a minor in Speech Communications.
 Dan enjoys sports and will be with Dave Rigg on Edward Co.
Footballand Basketball.  Dan is also on WFIW AM and WOKZ
evenings and weekends. Dan resides in Fairfield Il.