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College football might finally be working in the direction of crowning a true national champion and that should be good news for fans. College football officials along with television representatives are meeting this week and on the table is a four-team playoff.

The idea is that there would be two semifinal games followed by a national championship game.

A four-team playoff is a good start. For years, college football has crowned mythical national champions. The BCS came along to help do a better job, but it has had numerous flaws.

The reality is if we want a playoff, it might have to be only four teams. There's a lot of money involved in bowl games and I don't see a day where they will be rolled into a larger playoff system.

It seems like every time someone starts talking about a football playoff system, we hear the old cannard about students missing class time. That doesn't seem to be a concern at every other level of college football, including the Division III level where virtually none of the athletes will play professionally.

Maybe a four-team playoff with a national championship game will give the powers that be in college football a taste of the cash. Look at the basketball tournament. In addition to the money, it also draws in millions of fans that fill out a bracket. Is there any doubt that would happen if you had a 16 or 32-team playoff system? We all know how big the Super Bowl is for the NFL. Now imagine that with college football.

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04/25/2012 8:20AM
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