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I spent this Wednesday out mowing the lawn at the Young estate.  As I have mentioned before two exciting hours on the riding lawn mower always provides me with alot of thoughts and observations, such as...
This is just the third time I have mowed this spring and it is already a pain in the butt.
I think I'll spice things up today and mow the back yard first this time and do the front yard last.  I do know how to live on the edge.
Why was there so much media hype over a pro basketball played announcing he was gay.  Did we all think there were no pro athletes that were gay?
Did Jason Colllins coming out really warrant a call of congratulations from the President of the United States?
Does the President ever have to leave a message on somebody's voice mail?
What's with all these little frogs jumping around in my yard?  Did Moses drop by and put a plague on my yard.'
It appears it has been a productive  time for rabbitts, there sure enough of them running around the yard.
Nothing funnier that watch my big and slow dogs trying to chase down a rabbit.  The rabbit just gets on the other side of the invisible fence and just laughs at them.
Hope  I finish this in time to see some of the Cards and Reds game.
I know one thing I am good at and that's growing dandelions.
It won't be long till we open the pool.  I can hardly wait for another summer of  being the "pool boy".
Another grass mowing has come to an end, but still no curb appeal for this place.
By the way I did finally take the Christmas lights down.  Happy Holidays everybody.

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05/03/2013 10:30AM
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