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Roger Dee

I became interested in radio by...listening to radio!  As a teenager (years ago) I would lock in my transistor radio on WLS in Chicago and KXOK in St. Louis, the two midwest powerhouse Top 40 stations at the time.  They played the lastest hits of the day and mixed it up with DJ patter ... and I was hooked on radio. 

As a home grown DJ I graduated from Hutsonville High School (years ago) and spent free time in Robinson at WTAY (AM & FM) ... spent many hours observing the DJ's on the air and even worked the control board from time to time.   In 1967 (yea, I know..years ago) I went on the air full time.  It was the "night shift" but still it was on the air.  Then worked the mid-morning show...and moved into the "big red chair" on the early mornins in 1975 and have been sipping coffee at that early hour ever since.  My resume would also include several years on the air as "Lunchman" .. who...with his sidekick Tater Tot...did battle with Weinerman.  Crazy times in the Lunch Cave.

I have my own DJ service and do wedding receptions, class reunions, car shows and more on weekends.  People say "you must love it"...and I do!

Music interest include "almost" anything...current (which has a lot of rock elements in it)...classic oldies from the 60's and 70's (I do the Oldies show at WTYE on Saturdays). 

I have 2 grown sons and 4 times I bring some of them along to things like Beatles Tribute they know the music.